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We can recover your unclaimed funds.

Our team of investigators and forensic accountants have recovered over 13,000 accounts. We can navigate the maze of government agencies to get your money back.

We are on your side.

Recovering unclaimed funds is a challenge. The complexity of the paperwork is a big reason many people are not successful in recovering their funds. It's important to have an expert on your side who can complete the process QUICKLY and CORRECTLY.


If we cannot recover these funds, our service is FREE.

If for some reason we cannot recover these funds for you (which is highly unlikely), then our service is FREE. In other words, WE DON'T GET PAID UNTIL YOU GET PAID.



What are Unclaimed Funds?

Each year billions of dollars become lost or unclaimed when banks, companies and governments lose track of the true owner of the money they hold due to: post office mistakes, misspelled names, businesses and banks that close, unplanned changes of address, marriage breakups, unexpected job relocation, death, etc. Over $70 billion is currently unclaimed in the United States. 1 in 10 Americans are owed money and don't even know it!

The Claim Process


You Engage our Services

First, you'll give our firm permission to begin the claim process for you. You can complete this online, TODAY!


We Prepare Your Claim

Our investigators do a thorough investigation of all unclaimed accounts in your name. We then prepare all the claim forms needed. Then we send the claim forms to you for your signature.


You Receive Your Check!

Your claim will be reviewed by the approving agency. Once approved, a state-issued check is sent to you.

You guys were awesome! You couldn't have made it any easier. As far as convincing people that it is for real, I'd have to say that your offer was probably the 10th letter we received. My wife and I threw away the first 6 or 7 without even looking seriously at them. When the letters kept coming we finally took a look at it. Some of the other companies wanted as much as 50%. I'm still in shock that the holder would have kept our money without you guys bringing it to our attention. Thanks.”

D. Di Pietra

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